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Onwards  Forwards  Always.

"Lockdown gave a lot of people time to reflect on life, to focus on what is important and to make changes for the better. I had previously decided to reignite my passion for the gym and with help and motivation from my trainer I fell in love with training again. And of course, the clothing that comes with it. This was the beginning of a new direction for me.

One of my last conversations I was fortunate enough to have had with my brother was about making changes in life and making my dreams a reality. He was always so encouraging, motivational and positive. His motto in life was “Onwards. Forwards. Always.” And that was how we ended our chat not knowing it would be our last.

Gymrushuk was created with that in mind.

As homage to him, I have incorporated his words as a reminder of why I have embarked on this journey and what he would have said to me. He is, and will always be, part of Gymrushuk and my reason for embarking on this new chapter.

Life is too short but it’s never too late to change direction. Embrace and follow your dreams."


Onwards - continue in a forward direction
Forwards - advance ahead
Always - at all times and on all occasions


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